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Custom Analytics

Do you need to improve promotional effectiveness? Is reducing costs on your agenda? Have you optimised selling prices? Is there an issue with operational leakage? How does your CSR performance benchmark with your peers?

These are some of the challenges clients have asked us to help solve. You might be grappling with your own challenges, struggling to resolve them without the time, resource and tools…

Bespoke Analytics

The answer?

A custom application that solves your specific challenges. 

Mastering your data will enable you to understand and tackle your 'micro battles' - your key daily challenges. Then resolve them, and flourish. We work with companies to develop tailored applications that organise unruly data and unearth the insights they need to make good, simple, data-driven decisions.

Well build you a data-driven application to address any challenge you give us. Just tell us what it is.

Why us?

  • We’ve built clever applications to help you and your teams master your data
  • We provide expertise to create advanced analytics in days, not months
  • Natural language Q&A tools - simply type the question you want an answer to!
  • Empower your decision makers with collaboration tools and consistent, actionable insights in a single-version of the truth
  • Simple presentations for your boss, stakeholders and exec. to answer their questions and influence decision-making

Key Features

  • Bespoke applications to answer your specific 'micro battle' challenges
  • Market leading technology underpinned by Microsoft technology stack 
  • Built-in AI that accepts disparate data in many formats 
  • No system integration required 
  • Actionable insights and what-if scenarios 
  • Simple, interactive reports and dashboards for deep analysis across your KPIs
  • Software-as-a-service model to optimise your investment 

Analytics Demo Tools

Here are some of the simple and clever ways our analytics dashboards can help you really undestand how your business and teams are performing, and how you can work your data harder to quickly find answers to your questions.

  • Use the in-built analysis tools

    "Show me why costs have increased this year?"

  • Or use natural language questioning

    Type your question and let the technology create the response

  • And create ‘what if’ scenarios

    "What if we standardise on 45 day payment terms? What is the impact?"

  • AI will surface trends and insights for you

    "Tell me about one-time vendors?"

  • Find answers in a couple of clicks

    "Which suppliers do we spend most with for HR services?"

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Their attitude and approach has been superb.

Paul Jenkinson, Procurement Director, Caprice Holdings

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