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Deal Management

The buying process is more complicated than ever, and traditional systems are crumbling under the strain. Deals are done on the phone, in meetings and at hospitality events often with no audit trail. Entering entering data manually into a series of spreadsheets (with no version control) makes things messy. Mistakes happen. Even just investigating and rectifying errors burns valuable time.

Deal Management

The answer?

Protect your business’s most valuable assets. 

Our secure portal lets you create, manage and store complex supplier negotiations and agreements, with your deals and contracts locked down in one place. This protects all parties, with full transparency and governance.

Why us?

  • We know what a headache it is aligning and formalising contracts
  • We’ve built clever software and workflows which help you do your job
  • Maximise supplier funding ensuring every opportunity is discussed
  • You can be confident knowing your negotiations are all secured in one place
  • Understand what your buyers are agreeing
  • Drive standardised processes and negotiations 

Product Features

  • Simple, standardised processes with sign offs at each milestone
  • Everything correct first time with strict version control  
  • Maximise your working capital and supplier funding through ‘driven’ negotiation  
  • Live dashboards presenting accurate position of spend and rebate values 
  • The application calculates payments and rebates accurately across ERP and finance systems  
  • Digitised contract data to help you and your buyers make quick decisions 
  • Easily view all the interactive reporting between buyers and suppliers  
  • Everything date and time stamped for robust governance 

Deal Management - Webinar by Ian Yates, Founder and MD

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