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Society expectations are changing, and businesses must change their behaviour to remain successful and improve their valuation. Instead of talking-the-talk and hiding behind smoke and mirrors, behave in the right way. Walk-the-walk, be transparent and gain the rewards.

CSR Score

The answer?

Through our consumer app, we understand exactly how much consumers care about your behaviours and business practices in key social and environmental measures.

Impact Monitor collates and analyses the performance of thousands of businesses across these measures and consumer feedback and applies a weighting formula (developed with the University of Chester) to produce an individual Impact Score for each business.

Impact Scores are applied to your organisation and individual suppliers, enabling CSR and procurement professionals to collaborate and drive societal and environmental improvements across your business and supply chain.

Impact Monitor - The Six KPIs

We award every business an Impact Score. This score is fact-based and weighted according to how consumers see their importance; changing as consumers' requirements evolve. Impact Scores are published to consumers via a free app. and to businesses and their supply-chain through our analytics applications.

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - CO2 emissions

CO2 Emissions

We measure your direct CO2 emissions (Scope 1 & 2), and that of your supply chain - enabling you to focus efforts on the greatest reduction opportunities.

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - Corporation tax

UK Corporation Tax

Consumers want businesses to pay a fair level of tax, so organisations are scored on the amount of UK corporation tax they pay, relevant to key measurement criteria

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - Payment Practices

Payment Practices

Consumers really care that businesses treat their suppliers with respect and courtesy by paying invoices quickly and on time - the better you are, the higher your score.

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - Gender Pay Gap

Equal Gender Pay

Some organisations pay employees of different genders an equal salary. This consumers applaud. If you don't, you score lower.

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - Real Living Wage

Real Living Wage

Many organisations have taken the ethical position to pay employees the Real Living Wage. Consumers want to reward organisations who pay more than Minimum or National Living wages.

Barcanet CSR Impact Score - CEO Pay Gap

CEO Pay Gap

UK CEOs are paid on average 145 x their workers. And consumers are not happy about it. The fairer your CEO's earnings, the higher your Impact Score.

Why do you need to improve your Impact Score?

  • Better engagement with your customers – the higher your score, the more likely they are to respect and buy from you
  • Align with changing behaviours and priorities – scores are weighted to consumers changing priorities
  • Make your employees proud – demonstrate your actions, not just words
  • Drive your agenda - measure performance and identify opportunities that help you and your suppliers improve
  • Increase your valuation - measuring & communicating your environmental and social successes will contribute more to shareholder value
  • It’s the right thing to do

Product Features

  • Barcanet proprietary data across thousands of UK businesses
  • The Impact Score evolves as consumers' requirements develop
  • Simple, interactive reports and dashboards create transparency and help tell your story
  • Software-as-a-service model to optimise your investment

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