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Spend Analytics

How do I raise procurement's profile?
Where should I be focussing my limited time and resource?
Who am I spending with? What's my tail?
Are we using POs, pcards or is it maverick spend?
Where are my supply chain risks?
What happens to our costs if….?

Important questions, yet very difficult to obtain a quick answer.

Spend Analytics

Get your answers from just £1,500 per month

Trust the financial facts, not your gut. 

Our Spend Analytics application simplifies and transforms your spend data to find the insights you need to do a good job. These will help you and your procurement teams identify saving opportunities, manage risks and boost your buying power.

Why us?

  • We know what its like to struggle with data
  • Weve built clever technology to help you and your teams master your data
  • We help you manage risk and reduce maverick spend
  • We help you align procurement processes across departments and business units
  • We help you tell your story to your stakeholders

Product Features

  • Simple, interactive reports and dashboards for deep analysis across categories, suppliers, products, buyers and consumers
  • Visualise spend across multiple KPIs to identify opportunities, monitor and drive the realisation of savings
  • No system integration required
  • Fully scalable, enabling collaboration across business units and departments
  • Live monitoring of supplier performance to improve relationship management
  • Market-leading technology underpinned by Microsoft technology stack
  • Built-in AI that accepts disparate data in many formats
  • Software-as-a-service model to optimise your investment
  • Natural language Q&A tool - simply type the question you want an answer to!

Spend Analytics application features - Webinar by Ian Yates, Founder and MD

Analytics Demo Videos

Here are some of the simple and clever ways our analytics dashboards can help you really understand how your business and teams are performing, and how you can work your data harder to save money and make efficiencies.

  • Use the in-built analysis tools

    "Show me why costs have increased this year?"

  • Or use natural language questioning

    Type your question and let the technology create the response

  • And create ‘what if’ scenarios

    "What if we standardise on 45 day payment terms? What is the impact?"

  • AI will surface trends and insights for you

    "Tell me about one-time vendors?"

  • Find answers in a couple of clicks

    "Which suppliers do we spend most with for HR services?"

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